Colombian rebels arent terrorists says chavez

Colombian rebels arent terrorists says, Oct 20, 2015.

A U.S. Special Forces soldier has been wounded by live ammunition in Venezuela, officials say – making the first official U.S. casualty in the country since 1999. The soldier is in serious condition and in critical condition, according to the Associated Press. His condition could be improved on Saturday, when he’ll be transported to a hospital near the capital.

The wounded soldier was killed Monday when his machine gun failed.

The military is investigating the incident. The AP writes:

The soldier was returning to a military base in the province of Monagas when the gun malfunctioned in his vehicle at night on Oct. 20 and he suffered a minor injury when he was hit by live ammunition.

더킹카지노The AP adds that “the soldier is said to have carried a.45-강원출장마사지caliber rifle and used it to shoot down two of four roadside bombs left by insurgents.”

Chavez’s government condemned “the most violent terrorist attacks” in recent weeks, and its leader con우리 카지노demned “those people, armed terrorist organizations and other groups and groups that do not appreciate the principles and the achievements that are being carried out by the Bolivarian Revolution, and that continue to do the most violent terrorist attacks against all Venezuelans,” according to a government statement released Thursday.

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