Dunley wins spitting appeal in defamation suit over Facebook posts

Dunley wins spitting appeal in defamation suit over Facebook posts

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The defendant was the “victim” of Thompson’s defamation lawsuit against him.

A judge dismissed Thompson’s complaint against the defendant 강원출장마사지 강원출장안마as baseless, ruling there was nothing wrong with Facebook comments made by two of his friends at a bar in Florida.

Thompson was ordered to pay the defendants $150 each and no more than $15,000 for filing the suit, according to WCTV.

The original complaint against Thompson alleged he had posted racial and homophobic comments to his Facebook page. They went up during the 2012 election campaign, during which Thompson claimed that President Barack Obama had stolen votes from him, according to the judge.

He was also accused of harassing two women who were “friends” on Facebook.

Thompson said at the time that he posted the Facebook messages online in order to send out more negative messages about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who he believed had “drunk at his party.”

The judge also found Facebook’s policy “not to permit posting of a ‘disputed fact’ on the site because it appears to ‘incite violence.'”

Thompson, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, won the primary election to represent the 28th Congressional District in the 2016 election. The judge had asked the prosecuti평택출장샵 평택안마on to give Thompson a written explanation for posting these statements.

“What do you think of the comments that were made against you in a bar in Florida in 2012,” the judge asked the prosecution. “What do you think of the fact that you’ve been on the other side in the current election for more than two years?”

Thompson told WFLA that he believed Facebook was on the right side, adding, “It’s sad what happened.”

“I think Facebook does a good job keeping me out of the political realm and protecting my rights,” Thompson told the station. “When I hear negative comments, if you’re on the opposite side of it, there’s nothing for you to do. It just seems like that’s the only way we can stand up to those negative comments.”

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On June 14, 2013, Thompson posted a “totally bogus” article on his page on election day about how Obama was stealing voters’ votes. The post was written in response to an announcement that Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan was running for president.

The two friends were am출장 안마ong some 200,000 people who shared Thompson’s post on Facebook. In an exchange o

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