Qld regions go wow over solar eclipse

Qld regions go wow over solar eclipse.”

“What’s the most popular theme song?”

“The Bible, at the moment, but there are others as well…”

“What’s the worst idea in history you’ve ever heard?”

“Lemonade, that one that’s been floating around the world, it’s just awesome.”

“Was that the best part?”

“… The idea of a planet with suns and moons, it’s really interesting.”

“In your opinion… what is this event about?”

“The idea that humanity has come a long way and is now at a place where we can live our full lives and not be too big of an inconvenience to one another. We’re in this together.”

“… Is there one last question?”

“If there are a few more questions then I’m going to want you to sit down and파라오 카지노 talk with me.”

I sat down, and he said, “Yeah? OK.”

I then sat down, but he continued with, “I know we’re supposed to be talking about this, but I need to ask you something, it’s just something I’m looking forward to, I 강원출장안마want you to make a decision as soon as possible.”


“It’s something I just want you to think about because I don’t want you to think this is something you’re not ready to consider because it’s going to affect so much more than you realize. What if we could turn this situation in the middle of the event into a game. A game that would include all of the players and how you all would play each other?”

“I guess that would be okay.”

“And what if we did? All of the players would participate in the event to determine who gets to win?”

“I guess that would be possible, that would be awesome.”

“How about if everyone in the world just wanted to lose?”

“I guess that would be nice, but then it wouldn’t be about money either. That’s where we get into this problem that we a예스카지노ll have, we all need to have money. So I want to see what happens if everyone wants to win instead of if everyone wants to lose.”

“I guess that’s great, then we’d have a coin toss?”

“You have no idea how many coin tosses and how many different kinds of coin tosses we could possibly have in a game like this.”

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